Encounter the Team

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Beth, Owner

Equipped with over 20 years of experience in fashion and retail, Beth aims to elevate the shopping experience. Only selecting designers that meet her quality standards and unique eye for style, Beth does her best to bridge the gap between high-end fashion and your closet. At Encounter, you can expect the kind of pampering you’d get at a salon, but with items you’ll get to keep after washing.

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Tracey, Personal Stylist

With years of experience in fashion and personal styling, Tracey knows when she meets ‘The Encounter Woman’ – not because she sees a sale, but because she sees a new friend. “The magic starts in the fitting room,” Tracey claims. “That’s when her guard comes down and her real opinion comes out” – and Tracey is here for it.

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Alexis, Personal Stylist

Whether she’s accompanying Beth to New York City on a buying trip or styling a client in the boutique, Alexis is all about finding the unique combination of style and quality – constantly making mental notes of what works and what doesn’t to keep Encounter at the top of its game, offering only the best. Follow @encounterbtq on Instagram and say hello to Alexis, the woman behind the feed!

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Erin, Personal Stylist

More than she loves fashion, Erin loves people. Building relationships and staying connected is what Erin loves most about Encounter. Working alongside Beth in offering genuine and compassionate service, Erin will likely be the one texting you about new items you may be interested in or simply checking in on you like an old friend would.