Encounter's Newest Designer - Mona Thalheimer

We are so excited to let you know that we will start carrying a new-to-our-racks designer, Mona Thalheimer. Mona’s designs are timeless and beautiful. The fabrics are high-quality and environmentally friendly, and each piece is responsibly sewn in California. Not only that, but Mona is also the first American deaf designer.

Mona’s drive and work ethic are beyond inspiring. The obstacles she has overcome throughout her life and career speak to her unwavering determination to create something beautiful for the everyday woman.

Learning about the designers we carry is such a fun and meaningful process for us at Encounter. The story behind the design- and the designer- has the power to shift your perspective every time you put one of them on.

 When you feel inspired before you even step into the clothes you will wear for the day, imagine what is possible when you actually put them on. When you button up a shirt that’s beautifully designed by a strong, hard-working, driven woman, it impacts you. It makes you want to work a little harder, it helps you stand a little bit taller, and it reminds you of what you are capable of before you even step foot out of your bedroom. When you begin your day that inspired, there is no limit to what you can achieve.


Mona’s designs are elegant and versatile, and they will never go out of style. Each fresh and classic piece will be the one you reach for season after season, year after year. The subtle details elevate a basic shirt design, creating a timeless, wardrobe staple that is interesting and visually appealing. The soft, calming color palette from Mona’s collection is perfect for your spring and summer wardrobe.

Be sure to stop by Encounter to see Mona’s designs in person or shop them on our website. 

We will also be hosting a Mona Thalheimer Truck Show on August 9, & 10, 2024.  

Let’s step into our days inspired and dressed for success.


Below is an interview with Mona that is worth watching. We guarantee it will leave you feeling so encouraged. 


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