Off to the Races with milliner, Christine A. Moore

Off to the Races with milliner, Christine A. Moore

Saratoga is buzzing with excitement this week for the Belmont Stakes race that is being held here this year. We are thrilled too! Horse racing is such a big part of what our clients enjoy dressing for, and we love getting to play a role in that.   After choosing a fabulous outfit from Encounter,

 We’re willing to bet (pun intended) that the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a major horse race is, undoubtedly, the hat. Whether you are going to a race or attending a watch party, hats and/or fascinators are the biggest topic of conversation. Let’s be honest, they are arguably the most exciting part of race day!  

 When it comes to finding the perfect hat for the big races, we have got you covered! Encounter carries the top designer, the one who NBC calls “The Milliner to the Triple Crown,” and a featured Milliner of the Kentucky Derby, Christine A. Moore. Christine is an exceptionally talented and is one of the most celebrated milliners in American horse racing. Her hats and fascinators are breathtaking.     

Each design is truly a piece of art. They are all handcrafted in NYC with such devotion, intentionality, and attention to detail. Everything is hand pressed from flat fabric and raw material. The embellishments are carefully and thoughtfully designed and hand-made to flawlessly adorn each hat and fascinator they were created for. Needless to say, all of her creations are a labor of love, some taking over 40 hours to make!

Christine began her designing career in regional theater and later began working for the renowned milliner Rodney Gordon making hats for Broadway and Opera. She opened her own hat company in NYC in 1994 and eventually became a prominent figure in the racing community, known for her elaborate and intricate hat and fascinator designs. She pulls inspiration from the colors, seasons, and freedom in nature as well as various fashion trends in order to create exquisite hats for race day that truly speak for themselves. 

Christine’s designs are one of a kind and a must see. If you are headed to the Belmont Stakes this weekend, we encourage you to stop by Encounter to choose a Christine A. Moore hat that suits you best. We would love to help put that finishing touch on your race day look. 

Encounter is also hosting a truck show with Christine herself today, June 4th from 12pm to 5pm and tomorrow June 5, 2024, from 11am to 3pm.


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