Small Business Designers with Big Dreams!

Small Business Designers with Big Dreams!

Small, privately/family-owned businesses resonate so deeply with us, we were so delighted to find a new shoe designer, Homers Artisan, of Spain, on our latest buying trip to NYC!  Homers is also a family-owned business. Homers creates incredible artisan shoes, and they have a rich family culture. Their website proudly shows the names and faces of the real people who use their hands to diligently make these beautiful shoes. The integrity, passion, and intentionality they possess as a company feels so familiar to us. An ocean separates us, yet we feel like neighbors. We love getting to support a company that carries such similar values to our own.

When Homers began in 1969, they made slippers! Their company evolved over time, and now they handcraft stylish shoes that can be worn easily every day. They design and create every shoe with the finest, hand-cut leather and sustainable materials in Menorca, Spain.

Their process of creating each pair of shoes is an art form in itself. Their team is intentional in every decision they make, never choosing even the smallest of details at random. When designing, they consider trends along with their taste to establish a style unique to their brand.

The purposeful design choices are evident in the product because their shoes are trendy yet classic and timeless. The perfect blend of style and function, they are easy to wear and will complement whatever outfit you pair them with – never taking over the show, but not shying away from making a statement either.

Come visit us today and slip your feet into these one-of-a-kind, handcrafted shoes. We believe that when you do, you will feel empowered with every step you take.
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